Today saw the alternative eating duo of Brittany and Alex step up to challenge the leaders with a “Create Your Own Pizza” menu.  As the diners filled out their ingredients card they were treated to Bruschetta, Gorgonzola Pear Salad and cold craft beers.  A selection of over 18 different ingredients topped the handmade rosemary pizza dough and marinara sauce.  Some took advantage of the opportunity by piling-on the exotic ingredients while others were less adventurous staying with the tried and true.  A beautiful day on the patio with a cold beverage, appetizers, salad and delicious pizza was culminated with an out-of-the-box dessert pizza consisting of cookie dough crust topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream and on the side “Berry Irresistible Ice Cream Spheres” rolled in glazed walnuts.


Even though the Brittany and Alex Team exceeded the Staff’s expectations the total score totaled a respectable 8.5 with deductions for  less than optimum temperature for the beer, a shortage of Bruschetta and tardiness on serving.  Kudos all around and a big sigh of relief from the Staff.


Stay tuned for new Teams coming in August.